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Event Surveys Designed to Improve Your Business

Event Survey Group is a market leader in event industry research.  We use data to suggest event strategies that improve business outcomes.

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Event Survey Group extends your ability to understand your customer needs.

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Apply data to guide your decisions and improve marketing, products, and services.

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Discover the benefits of specialized event research.

Event Surveys That Deliver Results You Can Use

Event surveys. Pre and post event survey questions. So much data, so many uses to improve your event.

Your event is unique, and still, you need to find ways to innovate. Creating the right event surveys with useful questions are a solution to exchange ideas with your attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors.

Maybe you run too many events to realistically conduct and assess your own event surveys. It just takes too much time.

Event Survey Group is your answer.

The research goes beyond percentage of exhibitors and attendees satisfied to learn the “why” behind their ratings. The benefits of dedicated event research are measured through increased attendance, improved buyer quality, exhibitor renewal rates, and other successful outcomes.

You may be hearing everywhere that data is the game changer; from member data, to registration data, and mobile app data. But you don’t have time to go through it all. It may be difficult to see the exhibitor experience separate from the attendee experience and then how they fit together.

If that’s the case, Event Survey Group is your answer.

Attendee and exhibitor surveys are a solution to connect data from multiple sources and add deeper insights. Append survey results to your member or subscriber database to enable targeted marketing campaigns.