Event Survey Group
Event Survey Group is a market leader in event industry research.  We use data to suggest event marketing strategies that improve
business outcomes.  We live on the fine line where research melts into marketing, products, services and process improvements.

Event Survey Group is a key strategy consultant, providing critical analysis for CVB and event venues, media companies, trade show
producers, exhibitors and publishers.

Since 2010 Event Survey Group has specialized in research and consulting services.

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Research Designed to Improve Your Business

Event Survey Group improves your event marketing plan and event success with data-driven insights.

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"NRF has been so pleased with the relationship we developed with Event Survey Group.  We use to do our surveys in-house and it
became very challenging as our event portfolio grew. We turned over all of our event surveys to them, and the process has never been
so easy!

Event Survey Group has been incredibly helpful, efficient and deadline focused.  We have been very happy."
Susan Newman
Senior Vice President, Conferences/Strategic Marketing
National Retail Federation